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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lola T-310

Lola T310 model made by Spark with Ref.: S1148
Active years: 1972
s/n: Hu01
CamAm 1972 Riverside #1 Team: Carl Haas with David Hobbs 5th OA 59/61 laps; Chevy-V8cyl 8095cc 740 hp at 6400 rpm 655 ft.lbs at 5600 rpm EFI 4sp 2built

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lola T70 Mk.3 Ford

Lola T70 Mk.3BN model made by Fly with Ref.: F003 and s/n 1427 and modified by me; modifications were:
1- remove the exhaust pipes and have them above the rear cowling;
2- removing the rear deflector and installing a new deflector with a space in the middle to allow passage of the exhaust gases;
3- install a scoop in the middle of the exhausts to route air to the oil cooler
4- finally repaint it aluminium blue.

Active years: from 1967 to 1968
s/n: SL73/127
CamAm 1968 Bridgehampton #21 Team: Bignotti Enterprises with Mario Andretti DNF Grid=8th (1:30.950); Ford (255-Indy) V8cyl dohv 4vpc Av.gas 4178cc 425hp at 8000 rpm max torque at 6000 rpm 4 speed gearbox weight= 640 kg

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Porsche 917 PA

Porsche 917 PA model made by Marsh Models as a kit with Ref.: MM54 and assembled by me
Active year: 1969
s/n: 917-028 1969 Mid-Ohio #0 Team: Porsche Audi with Jo Siffert 4th (79/80 laps) Grid=7th
Engine: Flat12cyl dohc 4494cc 580hp at 8400r at 6600r 370kph 775kg.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ford Honker II

Ford Honker II model made by Marsh Models as a kit with Ref.: MM17 and assembled by me
Active year: 1967
s/n: only one made
Race: Bridgehampton canAm 1967 #17 w Mario Andretti 8thOA Grid: 23rd (1:36.160).
Engine: Ford /FoMoCo-V8cyl 5700cc.

Ferrari s/n: 1010

The 3 "Suits" of the 1010. Ferrari s/n: 1010 is one of those cars that had several (3) bodies installed on the same chassis (1010) and I have them documented in 1/43 scale.

1970 Can Am Watkins Glen #91 Team: Ferrari S.P.A., SEFAC with Jacky Ickx retired due to an accident. (Ferrari racing collection ref. FRC048)
Engine was also changed from V12cyl 4994cc 550hp to V12cyl 6860cc 750hp
1971 Cam Am Watkins Glen #50 Team N.A.R.T. with Mario Andretti 4th OA. (Ferrari racing collection ref. FRC046)
1974 Can Am Watkins Glen #10 Team: N.A.R.T. with Brian Redman retired due to suspension failure. (Ferrari racing collection ref. FRC046 - modified).

Monday, April 28, 2014

Shadow DN4 Chevrolet

Shadow DN4 Chevrolet model made by Spark with Ref.: S1120
Active year: 1974
s/n: DN4-1P
1974 CanAm champion with Jackie Oliver
Race: Watkins Glen 1974 #101 w Jackie Oliver 1st OA.
Engine: Chevy-V8cyl ohv 8095cc 800hp at 7000r Lucas FI 4sp 720kg 3built
After Porsche leaving the Can-Am Challenge Shadow remained as the sole manufacturer amidst the many privateers in older McLarens and Lolas. Short championship or not, with only 5 races, Don Nichols decided to go for it and had Southgate design a new car.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ferrari 712 - 1974

Modified from a 1972 Ferrari 712 of the "Ferrari Racing Collection" with Ref.: FRC046
Active year: 1974
s/n: 1010
1974 Watkins Glen Gr.:7 #10 Team: N.A.R.T. with Brian Redman did not finish due to suspension failure, Grid: 19th.
Engine: V12cyl dohc 6860 cc 750 hp at 8000 rpm 680 kg 1 built.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ferrari 512M spyder

Ferrari 512M spyder model made by Solido with a with Ref.: 197 and modified as per transkit by Prova Modelli Ref.: xx and to be built by me.
Active year: 1974
s/n 1036
1974 Can-Am Road Atlanta #7 Team: Herbert Müller Racing driven by Herbert Müller 4th OA Grid: 5th (1:19.400)
Tipo 261/C-V12cyl dohc 4vpc 4994cc CR=11.5:1 610hp at 9000r 5sp 347km/h 815kg.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Porsche 917/30

Porsche 917/30 model made by Minichamps with Ref.: 436 736006 (Limited edition of 9,999 models)
Active year: 1973 - season Champion driven by Mark Donohue
s/n: 917/30-002 (003 also raced)
1973 Watkins Glen #6 with Mark Donohue Team: Sunoco P+A 1st OA 60 laps 1:43:14,4.0 Grid=1st (only race for s/n:002; 003 did the rest of the year)
Engine flat 12cyl 2turbo no intercooler DOHC 5374cc 1100hp at 7800rpm 820ft.lbs at 6400rpm Bosch FI 386km/h accel 0 to 100=2.1s 4 speed gearbox 849kg 4 built
The world was in the middle of the oil crisis, which was not compatible with racing gas-guzzling 800-1200 bhp cars. In response to the situation the governing body set a maximum fuel consumption of 3 mpg. In fact this was about as much as the big block V8s used. However this was a limit that the thirsty twin-Turbo Porsche flat-12s could never meet. This effectively ended the Porsche presence in the Can-Am Challenge.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Porsche 917/30 short tail

Porsche 917/10 model made by Solido with Ref.: 18 and modified by me; modifications were in the front of the front fenders to make them round.
Active years: From 1973 to 1974
s/n: 917/30-001
1973 European Interseries-Hockenheim #7 with Vic Elford; Team: Porsche AG / Motorsport Club Stuttgart 1stOA (1st race=2nd + 2nd race= 1st) Grid=1st.
This car always raced in Europe in the Interseries (European equivalent of CanAm) with a total of 3 races in 1973 and 6 races in 1974 collecting 5 1st places, 2 2nd places, a 5th and a 7th.
Today, chassis #917/30 001 is in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, described as the "Porsche 917/30 Experimental Car".
Flat 12cyl 2 turbos no intercooler DOHC 5374cc 1100 hp at 7800 rpm 820 at 6400 rpm Bosch FI 386 km/h 0 to 100 km/h=2.1sec 4 speed gearbox 4 built (only one with a short tail) this was a test chassis with adjustable wheelbase.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Porsche 917/10

Porsche 917/10 model made by Solido with Ref.: 18
Active years: from 1972 to 1973
s/n: 917/10-003
1972 Laguna Seca #7 with George Follmer Team: Penske 1st OA.
1972 Can Am champion
Engine: Flat 12cyl Turbo dohc 4494 cc 1000 hp at 7800 rpm 687 at 4600 rpm Bosch F.I. 361 km/h 0 to 100 = 2.7 sec 4 speed gearbox 767 kg.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Porsche 917/10 short tail

Porsche 917/10 model made by Solido with Ref.: 18 and modified by me.
Active years: from 1972 to 1973
s/n: 917/10-006
1972 Mid-Ohio #0 Team: Vasek Polak w Milt Minter 3rdOA 77/80 grid=6th
Engine: Flat 12cyl Turbo dohc 4494 cc 850 hp at 8300 rpm 470 at 6800 rpm Bosch F.I. CR=10.5:1 4 speed gearbox 710 kg.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

McLaren M20

McLaren M20 model made by Spark with Ref.: S1116
Active year: 1972
s/n: M20/1
Laguna Seca 1972 #4 with Peter Revson 1st OA 80 laps 1h48m15s
Chevrolet engine V8 8360cc (or 9260cc?) 750hp 4sp 690kg 3built

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Porsche 917/10 normally aspirated

Porsche 917/10 model made by Solido with Ref.: 18 and modified by me. For more information see: Porsche 917/10 normally aspirated from a 917/10 TC
Active years: from 1971 to 1972
s/n: 917/10-002
1971 Road America #20 with Jo Siffert Team: STP / Porsche-Audi / Marlboro 2nd OA
Flat 12cyl DOHC 4998 cc 630 hp at 8300 rpm 425 at 6400 rpm compression ratio=10.5:1 Bosch F.I. 4 speed gearbox 743 kg.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

McLaren M8F

McLaren M8F model made by Minichamps with Ref.: 530 714305 (Limited edition of 4444 models)
Active year: 1971
An identical car #7, was the 1971 season Champion driven by Peter Revson
Mosport, Labatt's 200 1971 #5 with Denny Hulme 1st OA 80laps 1h48m15s
Chevrolet engine V8 8360cc 750hp 4sp gearbox 839kg

Saturday, February 11, 2012

McLaren M8E

McLaren M8E model made by GMP with Ref.: 12430 and s/n: #0276

Active year: 1971
1971 Customer car.
1971 Watkins Glen #54 Tony Adamowicz 5th 79/82 laps
Chevrolet engine V8 8095cc 700hp 816kg

Ferrari 712

Ferrari 712 model made by Fabbri with Ref. FRC046 and part of the "Ferrari Racing Collection".
Active year: 1971.
s/n: 1010 - This Ferrari 712 is a former 512S and 512M Spyder that was heavily modified at the factory to receive the biggest engine (6.9L) that Ferrari ever built. Also this unique car was Ferrari's first and only official entry into the Can-Am championship.
1971 Can-Am Watkins Glen #50 Team: Spa Ferrari SEFAC with Mario Andretti finished 4th (2 laps behind the winner) Grid: 5th (1:07.660).
Engine: V12cyl dohc 6860 cc 750 hp at 8000 rpm, 680 kg, 1 built.
In 1972 this car raced again after having a new body work but then was not for Ferrari works team but this time for the N.A.R.T. team, which took over the car after this race at Watkins Glen.
As a finishing note, Enzo Ferrari took this car on the 2nd of May 1971 to an Interserie race at Imola (Coppa di Shell) to assess the performance of the car with Arturio Merzario where he finished 1st OA. This provided the hope he needed for glory in the Can-Am championship however they were soon crushed by the dominance of McLaren in the USA races.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ferrari 512S spyder

Ferrari 512S model made by Brumm with Ref. R200 and modified by me to represent the Ferrari 512 S Spyder that raced at Mid-Ohio in 1970. For more information see: Ferrari 512S Spyder CanAm made from a Ferrari 512 S berlinetta
Active year: 1970
s/n: 1006 - This 512 S Spyder was delivered and raced by N.A.R.T. and was never converted to "M" specs but later became a Berlinetta.
1970 CanAm Mid Ohio #20 Team NART with Pedro Rodriguez dnf (engine) 70/80 laps 11th OA, Grid: 5th (1:30.400)
Engine: V12cyl dohc 4994cc 4vpc 550hp at 8500rpm at 5500rpm 340km/h 5 speed gearbox, 880kg 25 built (total of 512’s).
In 1970 this car raced at Sebring 12hrs, Donnybrooke (9th OA), Mid-Ohio (11th OA), Road America (7th OA), 1000km Buenos Aires (7th OA), 24h Daytona (2nd), 1971 12h Sebring, 24h Le Mans, it was displayed for 10 years in the Rosso Bianco Collection, but in need of a complete restoration. It was then auctioned May 20th 2007 in Maranello in RM's Leggenda e Passione Auction for €2.6 million.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Lola T220

Lola T220 model made by Spark with Ref. S1132
Active year: 1970.
s/n: SL160/2
1970 Laguna Seca #26 with Peter Revson 3rd OA 79/80 laps.
Engine: Chevy-V8cyl 8095 cc 740 hp at 6400 rpm 655 ft.lbs at 5600 rpm Fuel injection 4 speed gearbox 2 built.

Friday, November 25, 2011

March 707

March 707 model made by Solido with Ref.: 199
Active year: 1970
s/n: 707-02
Designed by Robin Herd
1970 Can-Am Laguna Seca #77 with Chris Amon 4th OA 78/80 laps Grid=5th
Chevrolet engine V8 7600cc (Amon's CanAm car was 8200cc) 720hp at 6800rpm (some claim 560, 650, and 760hp) 336km/h accel 0 to 100kph=2.8sec 5sp 662kg 3 built

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

McLaren M8D

McLaren M8D model made by Minichamps with Ref.: 530 704307 (Limited edition of 3312 models)
Active year: 1970
An identical car was the 1970 season Champion driven by Denny Hulme.
s/n: 003
1970 Labatt's Blue Trophy Mosport Park #48 with Dan Gurney 1st OA 80laps 1h47m05 317km 177kph
Chevrolet engine V8cyl 8360cc 750hp 839km

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chaparral 2J

Chaparral 2J made by Minichamps P/N:436 701466 S/N:1237 of 9999. Model signed by the driver, Vic Elford, on the left rear fender.
•Active year: 1970
•s/n: 2J-001
•1970 Road Atlanta #66 Team: Chaparral Cars Inc. with Vic Elford 6th 69 laps (winner=75 laps)
•Chevy-V8 7617cc 680hp at 7200rpm Chaparral Lucas FI 3Asp 916kg 1 built wheelbase=85.5"
•Suction fan engine: Rockwell JLO 2cyl 2-stroke 744cc 55+hp (snowmobile engine)
•Debut: 1970 Watkins Glen with J. Stewart

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ferrari 612P

Ferrari 612P built by me from a McLaren M8B originally made by Solido with Ref.: 176. For more information see: Ferrari 612P made from a McLaren M8B
s/n: 0866
Watkins Glen 1969 #16 with Chris Amon 3rd OA
V12cyl dohc 4vpc 6266cc 620hp at 7000r Lucas FI 4sp 700kg